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DETOX episode 3: Dan Clark of The Dark Clan
January 29, 2011 05:53 PM PST

Dan Clark of The Dark Clan (and Stromkern, formerly Null Device and 100 other projects) talks music, motivation, and whatever other bullshit with Matt. It's a long one, but well worth the listen.

DETOX Episode 2: Matt plays cool music that a lot of stoners probably like
January 22, 2011 11:06 AM PST

Music episode!

Featuring tracks from Caustic, Meat Beat Manifesto, Broken Note, Techno Animal, and more!

DETOX Episode 1: Trail of Vomit commentary
January 15, 2011 09:56 AM PST

Industrial punk loudmouth Caustic (aka Matt Fanale) discusses hitting rock bottom and the creation of 2010's ...AND YOU WILL KNOW ME BY THE TRAIL OF VOMIT.

Not meant to be or fun as amusing as planned upcoming episodes, but with the same attitude and honesty that will hopefully set a standard for the podcasts to come.

Thanks for checking it out.

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